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Case Studies

Nissei Build products add value to space!

Trusted by customers, we have a history of providing original parking structures and prefabricated building products for various settings.

Construction examples according to purposes (Parking)



Automated Tower Parking (Double-unit)

Multi-stack parking structures can provide 2 or 3 times or even more parking space compared to a simple parking lot. By creating optimal parking space needed for the number of residents in an apartment building, ample room for living space is secured.
We propose plans for tower parking structures and parking structures with ramps as well for limited spaces, and after evaluating the plans from various angles, the plan that provides the highest convenience for residents is selected.

Parking Structure with Ramps (Two-level/three-storey, Roof greening)

Two-storey pit type

Parking Structure with Ramps (Four-level/five-storey)



Automated Tower Parking (Parallel parking type)

Tower parking structures can protect your customers' cars from various damages such as parked car break-ins and wind/rain.
Even with small lands, ample parking space can be obtained because the land is leveraged to the maximum with high capacity efficiency.

Automated Tower Parking (Parallel parking type)

Automated Tower Parking (Multi-unit)

Parking Structure with Ramps (One-level/two-storey)

Office Buildings


Connected two-storey parking structures

Multi-stack parking structures are relatively easy to set up even for areas with low accessibility and small-scale parking areas.
By converting a flat parking lot into a parking structure, the freed space can be used for guest parking space or for building other facilities.
Of course we can make proposals for tower parking structures and parking structures with ramps as well.

Two-storey parking structures

Design your company name on the outer wall of the tower parking structure for advertisement or any other purposes.

Parking Structure with Ramps (One-level/two-storey)

Public Facilities


Hospital parking facility

Public parking facilities where access concentrates during a certain period, including those for hospital out-patients, can be kept in good working order with parking structures with ramps which were developed with attention to smooth car flow.
In addition, large-scale parking structures can be constructed by attaching tower parking structures and multi-stack parking structures.

Bicycle parking space

Barrier-free parking structure

Library parking facility

Monthly & Hourly Parking Facilities


Automated Tower Parking (Laid out according to land features for dynamic space use)

Even small lands that seem inappropriate for parking lots can be managed as parking spaces by constructing parking structures. In addition, by converting current flat parking lots into parking structures, the land can be leveraged to the maximum by creating new values such as using the freed space for different purposes.

Automated Tower Parking (Double-unit)

Multi-stacked Parking (Lift/traverse parking structure with 3 storey above ground and 2 storey below ground)

Parking Structure with Ramps (Two-level/three-storey)

Construction examples according to purposes (Houses building)




Because we manufacture standardized construction materials at our specialized factory and assemble those materials at site, we can rationalize and shorten the time required for design, production and construction. By shortened construction time, businesses can be started up in a timely manner.
We have a variety of product line-up including intermediate grade types with high cost performance to perpetual types that are suitable for mid-long term use.

Office (Two-storey)

Office (Two-storey)

Office within Factory

Factory / Warehouses


Factory building

For production facilities, we provide plans with possibilities for future facility additions and efficient layout of the lines. For warehouses, we provide optimal plans according to the required space and the type of products that will be stored.
With our ample product lineup, we can help you comprehensively from large spaces, offices within the plants, to break rooms.

Factory building

Crops storage building

Parking facility




Because our prefabricated buildings are made with standardized construction materials manufacture at our specialized factory and assembled at site, the construction period is shortened. This enables speedy opening and thus business chances are not lost. Especially for the construction of chain stores, there are many advantages such as unifying of all construction work orders, simplified meetings and standardization of building specs and quality.

Grocery store

Agricultural Cooperatives store

Car dealers

Healthcare Facilities


Group home

Prefabricated/unit houses are optimal for planning various facilities within the hospital as they can be built in a short period and noise and construction waste is kept to the minimum.
We also provide high cost performance proposals for the various facilities required in the medical and welfare fields from welfare facilities with attention to barrier-free and universal designs to parking structures that solve the chronic lack of parking spaces.

Out-patient section for sudden fever

Dispensing pharmacy

Nursing home

Education Facilities


Cafeteria / Community hall

We can provide you with proposals for various facilities including welfare facilities that improve the environment of not only the students but the staff as well such as gyms, out-door sports grounds, club houses, storage rooms, cafeterias, research facilities, apartments and dormitories. Prefabricated/unit houses are optimal for planning various facilities within schools as they can be built in a short period and noise and construction waste is kept to the minimum.

Club house

Research buildings

Cram school

Temporary Construction


Temporary school rooms

Our temporary construction products are prefabricated facilities for leasing that can be used as much as and as long as according to customer needs. These are reliable products that have been used for a variety of public facilities. They are suitable not only for temporary offices and storage rooms, but for temporary school rooms, out-patient clinic for sudden fever, but for temporary houses and clinics at disaster stricken areas.

Temporary clinic

Temporary dormitory

Temporary houses (For disaster relief and recovery)